Saturday, August 31, 2013

Market Goodies #3

Happy Saturday night, all! We have tons more things to show you! Remember that we're open on Sunday from 12:30 to 4:30 and on Monday from 10-2. Call us to order or for questions: 703-360-4600. First, I wanted to show you the lower branches of our little Christmas tree, which was lit and all Christmas-y, in spite of the sun and the 90-degree temps! Lots of the Sheep ornaments:

Most of today's photos are of smaller projects. First off, though, here are some of the beautifully crafted Shaker boxes for the Lone Elm Lane designs I showed you on the first Market post.

Here's another of the larger JBW Designs, "Giving Thanks."

By Hands On Design, "A Proper Young Lady."

We have lots of new designs by With Thy Needle and Thread, including the limited edition piece. Here, "Paper Snowflakes."

Here's an absolutely wonderful needlepoint project--a two-sided bird ornament. Stitch it up (and if you're new to needlepointing and don't feel up to selecting the fibers because there are so many possible choices, let us choose for you). Once you've stitched the two sides, bring us the bird, and we can send it off to our finishing service, who will expertly stitch the bird together, attach the tail and the clip, and you will have a gorgeous Christmas ornament.

I love this Woody project. Although it was meant to be a belt (we can have it finished for you that way), I would stitch it, frame it and hang it. Love the colors.

"Santa's New Elves" Christmas pillow or ornament.

I really, really wanted to buy this. It's an octopus needle minder. So adorable.

Abby Rose Designs' "Bless this House."

Another fabulous design by With Thy Needle and Thread: "Pumpkin Brew."

"Winter Awwwe" by Needle Bling Designs. I tried showing it people and they agreed: "Awwwwwwe."

Want to stitch fall items? We have lots of new things for fall. Here, a small but gorgeous little pumpkin project(s): Pumpkin Potpourri by Scissor Tail Design.

Last tonight, "Noel," a darling kit by Chessie and Me.

See you again soon with another Market post!

Our address: 8800 F Pear Tree Court, Alexandria, VA.

Happy Stitching!

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  1. What a wonderful collection of new potential projects! I really like the light bulb ornament in the first photo, tagged as sample #816. Can you tell me more about the designer and pattern name? Love In Stitches!!!