Sunday, August 21, 2011

Baltimore Market II (and a Few Other Goodies Too)

We have lots of new things in the shop, and we sell knitting and needlepoint supplies as well as cross stitch (and lights! magnifiers! scissors! beads! buttons!). Lots of times we have an experienced and accomplished cross stitcher who wants to "cross over" and try a new kind of stitching or knitting. If you want to try a new craft, just ask, and we'll be happy to recommend an "entry level" needlepoint or knitting project and can advise on lessons.

We have some very cute (and speedy to stitch) Permin Christmas cards. This comes as a complete kit, with a nice heavy card stock window card and envelope as well as aida fabric, floss and Kreinik.

Here's a fairly quick stitch--what a nice gift this would make for someone--"Margaret S. Beggs" by Priscilla's Pocket.

Everyone got so excited by Tempting Tangles' "Adam's Menagerie" that we ordered this too: Tempting Tangles' "Creation." It's charted for natural 32 count linen and DMC. I'm thinking of doing it on sparkly fabric, using beads and Kreinik and silk.

I love big Santas, and this needlepoint canvas is brand-new in the shop. (And yes, we have needlepoint experts on staff who can help you kit this up with the best fibers if you're ordering from afar.)

Praiseworthy Stitches' "Ravenmoon Hall."

Rosewood Manor's "Garden of Eden." Adam and Eve are clothed in this, and we had a lively discussion about whether we'd prefer to stitch them nekkid.

Here are the chocolate fabrics, with their names. They're 28 count, and the colors, from left to right, are black chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate and raspberry chocolate. Mmmmmmm--chocolate. Much lower calorie than the sugary kind.

With fall on the way, we have "Scurrying Squirrel" by Sam Sarah.

And speaking of squirrels, check out the sweater pattern featured in the newest Vogue Knitting. Isn't it a hoot? This issue is a winner, with lots of great projects! (We have the magazine in stock.)

And speaking of sweaters, we have lots of new yarn in stock, as well as the patterns to knit fun things. I love this sweater, in one of the new Sublime yarn books. This is knitted in Sublime's chunky merino "Tweed." I feel fairly certain that if she needs a hat and this warm sweater that the skirt isn't going to keep her legs warm.

And here are just some of the many colors of Tweed in the shop. Tweed has lovely flecks of color throught the main color, and it's soft against the skin. No harshness!

Please call us to place an order or with questions at 703-360-4600. We are open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Saturday, and the first Sunday of the month from 12:30-4:30. Stitch nights are the first and third Sundays of the month.

Happy stitching!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Market Night

Greetings, all! Tonight we have a bunch of photos for you of what's new in the shop, straight from the Baltimore Market, as well as a few photos of what our stitching folks are working on.

Everywhere you look are bright colors--flowers, buttons, swirls, designs, fabrics! There was lots of ooh-ing about this design. Love the blue on this.

We've got lots of new needlepoint canvases for you needlepointers. More photos of those in our next post, but for now, this is called "Winter Barn" (I think.)

"Idelia Mae Rich" and her bright flowers by Little by Little.

This is the new Brenda Keyes design by the Sampler Company:

Look at these wonderful fabrics: from left is 40 count black onyx, Baltimore Blues gingham, Enchanting Lair, and four "flavors" of chocolate--black chocolate, oh-dear-I've-forgotten-what-kind of chocolate is next, then white chocolate and finally, oh-dear-some-sort of raspberry chocolate? Patricia, if you want to refresh my memory, I'll put the correct colors in! More photos to come in another post--they're too pretty not to get to see all of them, plus the gorgeous dyed wools.

This is a shop model of one of Prairie Moon's new designs. We think it's a hoot, and that the flowers are retro "flower power." More Prairie Moon to come in a later post.

Speaking of retro: Ink Circles' "99." Do you have a rec room at home with a bar in it? Wouldn't this be perfect hanging there?

"We've Been Waiting for You," by Amy Bruecken. Here the pets are awaiting the newborn baby. So funny, I didn't realize it was a baby chart until someone filled me in. I was assuming the pets were lined up waiting for someone to come home and feed them (the way it is in my household). It could work either way, don't you think?

Did you know Amy Bruecken also did needlepoint designs? I'm sorely tempted by this--it's not too difficult, and it's so bright and quirky.

Check out these little metallic mesh bags. I want a couple for my purse to corral the stuff that always gets lost in the bottom.

More retro flower power: these magnetic buttons.

From the talented hands of our Stitch Night/Market Night ladies: Rosalie is working on this Noah's Ark.

Mary has stitched these wonderful needlepoint ornaments.

Theresa is stitching "Harriot Redfearn."

Minnie is working on a wedding sampler by Joan Elliot for herself.

Lela is working on this intriguing and beautiful design by Pam Darney, called "Hall Mirror Sampler." Look carefully at the verse and letters--they're backwards, but they're fine when viewed in the mirror.

Or on the back! What fun!

We'll be back soon with more new items from the show. If you would like to order or have questions, please call us at 703-360-4600. The shop is open from 10-5 Monday through Saturday, and the first Sunday of each month from 12:30-4:30 (including Labor Day weekend).

Happy Stitching!

Friday, August 12, 2011


Hello, All! Late summer brings a tidal wave of pretties to the shop. These photos are just some of our new items, and more will be coming back with Ellen from the Baltimore Needlework market!

First of all, we have this incredible book in stock. It is a wealth of information and the photos are rich in detail and color. Every rich, glossy page is alive with images and text to make a needleworker swoon.

We also have Scarlet Letter's Dona Dorothea Gazano y Garcia. And more new charts in a moment.

We enjoyed Stitch night last week. Here is Sherry's nearly complete "13 Colonies." Sherry is going off to school for an advanced degree, and we're going to miss her. Best of luck!

Jan is stitching "Spider Banner" by Alessandra Adelaide.

March (who has rolled up part of the design that she's worked on) is stitching another band on "Pot for Dickie." (Long Dog)

Maureen is working on this needlepoint design (or is it counted canvas?) In any case, it is vibrant and pretty.

Stitch Night is always a blast. We had a couple of new faces last time--lovely stitchers we hope will come again. Please consider coming even if you're shy and are not normally a "joiner." It is a fun group and you won't feel like a stranger once you've been here for a minute or two.

Back to our new items: Three great designs by Chessie and Me:

"The Raven" by La-D-Da.

And "Adam's Menagerie" by Tempting Tangles.

Which Glenna, after photographing it, promptly bought, kitted up, and started. (It doesn't call for the Kreinik you see here--this is just Glenna's interpretation.)

To purchase something you see here or to ask questions, please call us at 703-360-4600. The shop is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and the first Sunday of the month from 12:30-4:30 p.m. Stitch Nights are the first and third Wednesdays of the month; we have one coming up this Wednesday, August 17.

Happy stitching, and check back soon for the new eye candy from the Baltimore market!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Catharine and and Emma and Catharine and Grace and Emily (and You)

We're delighted to give you a look at two of Patty Yergey's brand-new designs (Samplers Revisited). This is Catharine Parker. Isn't she gorgeous?

And Emma Richardson. Such a pretty alphabet in shades of purple and tuquoise.

You remember Catharine McNeal, right? Here's part of that sampler. Such unusual colors.

And the brilliant beauty of Grace Risk.

We have other ladies too: "Emily Munroe" from Rosewood Manner.

"Merry Sunshine" from La-d-da.

Also by La-d-da, "This is the Day."

Actually, tomorrow is the day, unless you're reading this on Wednesday, in which case THIS is the day. For stitching. Tonight's stitch night. Come spend the evening with us (6-9 p.m.). We can promise lots of fun women (men invited too, of course) and fascinating conversation. It's been over a month since our last gathering, and I can't wait to see what everyone's stitching/quilting/knitting.

"Treat Yourself Well." Yes!!

Please call us at 703-360-4600 for questions or to order. We're open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and the first Sunday of the month from 12:30-4:30. Stitch Nights are on the first and third Wednesdays of the month.

See you soon, we hope! Happy stitching!