Saturday, September 20, 2014

Some Things to Show You

Greetings, all! I was tired when I went to the shop the other night, and I said "I'm bored. I want to see something new" when I came in the door. "Bored!" the ladies exclaimed. "No way!" as they scurried around fetching projects and designs and products that made me shed my boredom and my fatigue.

Lookie here! I love this finished design. I've been watching several stitchers work on it. This is the shop model, which we are showing without the buttons. We had a lively debate about adding the very cute buttons (there's one per square--all manner of birds and snowflakes). Now I want to stitch it... That's the thing about shop models--they suck you in. "Frosty Forest" by Country Cottage Needleworks. The squares are purchased separately so that the project doesn't feel overwhelming--and in case you just want to stitch a square or two as ornaments.

Show me classic historic samplers, please. Big ones! These three are by GigiR, who, as usual, has outdone herself.
How about something bright and contemporary! "Serenity Prayer Lighthouse" by Stoney Creek.
Something small for fall! "Pumpkins and Bittersweet" by The Scarlett House.

Small and flowery with pretty pins! By Shepherd's Bush, "Goodness and Grace."

Small and Christmasy! By Hands On Designs.

Lots more ornaments, please! Yes, we have the Christmas ornament issue in stock!

OK, back to fall, please! How about this Autumn Band Sampler? It's in the interior of "Cross Stitch and Needlework Magazine."

Oh, I keep losing my needles! Show me something that minds my needles. (We sell lots of different needles if you need replacements.) This is how you can avoid the dreaded lost-in-the-sofa-cushion syndrome. Blingy Needle Minders! Love this blue jay!
and this substantial witch!

Who can be bored with all these wonderful things?

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