Sunday, May 19, 2013

Stitching and Painting with Catherine Jordan

In Stitches hosted Catherine Jordan for a class which taught fabric painting to enhance our stitching, showcasing the technique with her gorgeous maps. We received a kit for both the Potomac River Needlework Map (last photo in this group) and for the two little journals shown here. These journal projects were so we could practice our new skills.

These projects were fully kitted: two pieces of fabric, one for the large Potomac River Needlework map, and enough material to create a little journal. Also included were the journal, fabric paints, container, freezer paper, floss, silk chenille, charts, instructions, needles and a delicate paint brush.

Here's Catherine on the right:

Here's one of the several tables of students, preparing by stitching the river's outline using brown Anchor.

Catherine is a wonderful teacher. Her written and verbal instructions are clear, and she is very modest. She said "I don't think I'm that artistic!" Well, we beg to differ--we think you're VERY artistic, Catherine!

Here she's holding the fabric paint (you can buy the paints from her website:

Catherine is demonstrating here how to mix the paint with water so that it's the proper consistency. Interestingly, the characteristics of linen mean that it absorbs just enough paint for vivid color, and the fabric paint's characteristics mean the fabric does not become stiff. The kit came with Lakeside Linens.

And here's how the paint looks as it's applied.

This is the Potomac River Needlework Map which we all fell in love with at the Woodlawn Needlework Show.  I can't wait to see what she comes up with next.  We have the class kit for sale in the shop--call us at 703-360-4600 to order.  For a nice tour of her work and kits (and to find the fabric paints) or to see her class schedule, please see her website at

We are at 8800 Pear Tree Court, Alexandria, VA. Our hours are 10-5, Monday through Saturday and 12:30 to 4:30 the first Sunday of the month. Stitch Nights are the first and third Wednesdays of the month.
Happy stitching!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

New and Notable in the Shop

Hi, everyone! We have some new projects in the shop, and as Independence Day is nearly upon us (next week is Memorial Day, and it always seems to be a quick slide to 4th of July, doesn't it?), we have a few tried and true projects to show you for that.

First of all, both new and patriotic, this lovely design by Silver Creek Samplers:

We've had this stuffed, stand-up Santa in the shop for a while (and darned if I can remember the designer's name)--he must stand a foot tall. What a fabulous project--and he covers two holidays!

We've had this finished three dimensionally (we can arrange for this kind of treatment for your finished projects), but it would look just as nice in a regular frame. By Country Cottage Needleworks.

By AuryTM, "American Pride."

My favorite part of early summer--strawberries have come into season--celebrate it with this gorgeous collection from Blackbird Designs.

A fun and quirky Alice in Wonderland Design by Barbara Ana: "I Like This Place."

Two breathtaking projects from Scarlet Letter: "AW 1662" and "Sarah Dutnel."

I apologize for the blurry photo, but I just had to show you Dorothy's Shoes--a flashy, adorable needleminder.

A sweet Christmas ornament to needlepoint, packaged up in a white Walker bag (love the little blue Walker bag displayed above it too). Very sturdy mesh--I'd love to own all the sizes and all the colors.

We have books! How I adore all three. A rich collection of beautiful needlework at your fingertips.

By Keslyn's, "Abba's Gift." What a wonderful Arts and Crafts-style purse to stitch (yes, we can order the hardware).

A perfect bag for toting your projects around:

Two needlepoint canvases and a mug, all by the same artist. Adorable.

The Cricket Collection alphabet. A through G here, but we stock them all. I'm thinking of stitching all 26 letters in a straight line to hang over a doorway that could use some flare.

Last, but not least, two gorgeous stitches in the shop. The stitched model here of Margaret Ann Klinedienst 1830. Wow--this is on my next-to-stitch list. I particularly love how the dark blue border surrounds the delicately pale basket of flowers.

Well, this one WAS in the shop, but went home with Minnie, who was stitching it lovingly on Stitch Night. "Idelia Mae Rich," by Little by Little. Idelia Mae, like Ann Pennsylvania Peacock by the same designer, has a paper head, so that you don't have to fuss over her face (it's attached with fabric glue).

Our address is 8800 F Pear Tree Court, Alexandria, VA, and our phone # is 703-360-4600. Our hours are 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 12:30-4:30, the first Sunday of the month. Stitch Nights are 6-9 p.m., the first & third Wednesdays of each month. We hope to see you soon!

Happy Stitching!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Short and Sweet

Hello, all! Just a reminder that since tomorrow is the first Sunday of the month, we will be open from 12:30-4:30. Our address is 8800 F Pear Tree Village Court, Alexandria, VA.

I brought the camera to stitch night last Wednesday, and I saw such an array of lovely things that I actually got distracted from photo-taking, but here's what I do have. First of all, one of our lovely, talented stitchers is working on Permin's "Dutch Beauty." I wish my photo did it justice. The fabric is a little darker than it appears here, but the colors of the floss are fairly true. I think she's only been working on this for about a year. It's being stitched on 40 count fabric (there looks to be about a yard of it, although I know she trimmed off some extra fabric.) She is using Belle Soie, although it's charted for DMC. We oohed and aaahed, and of course I've decided I must sittch it, although as you look down through the photos, you'll see some other projects that are also "must stitches" for me.

And a closer shot:

Another one of our lovely stitchers completed "Peppermint Twist" by Blue Ribbon Designs. Love the colors

Here we have three needlepoint projects, each of which I'm dying to own. Look at this, all kitted up. I'm not sure of the designer name (if you want to order, just call the shop and describe it). It's a working clock, with buttons for the hours! Stitch the pretty design and then frame and hang! I love the buttons, love the colors, love the practical idea of it!

Do the next two needlepoint canvases look familiar to you counted cross stitchers? Yes! They're both Little House Needleworks designs! I want to stitch each of them!

Next up, three darling counted cross stitch projects: "Home: A Diminutive Sampler" by Pineberry Lane.

"Blossom Home" by All Through the Night.

And this isn't new, but I noticed it for the first time and admired the colors and design, so it's new to me: Feathered Friends (August) by Cherished Stitches.

We have Stacy Nash's book, "Lidya," which is chock full of little prim projects: samplers, stuffed hearts, edgings, bags.

And a glorious basket of flowers, which is going to be my next start: by Queenstown Sampler Designs: "Margaret Ann Klinedienst 1830." Margaret Ann is stitched on 32 count Lakeside (we have it) with NPI silks (we have them). Just look at that border...

And last, but not least, a gorgeous cameo-like needle minder, by Embellishments Plus! Just perfect for summer stitching, at the beach or not. (and pssst--there's an adorable mermaid in the same color).

Our hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and 12:30 to 4:30 on the first Sunday of the month. Stitch Nights are the first and third Wednesdays of the month. Join us! To order or for questions, please call 703-360-4600 and we'll be happy to help you find your heart's delight!

Happy Stitching!