Monday, March 14, 2011

Thinking of Spring and Fun Things from In Stitches

We have a number of stitched models from Mary Riggs/Handwork: here's one. Drop by and see her other sampler models (and antiques from her collection) for sale!

Just to let you know, you can call us to order anything you see on this site, or even something you see somewhere else. Our phone number is 703-360-4600. Unfortunately we do not have a "shopping cart" so that you can order online, but we're here and happy to help when you call!

It's pretty chilly here in Northern Virginia, but the trees are beginning to bud, and we're seeing the first bits of forsythia and daffodils. Spring is on its way! We like this flowery A&E sampler from Beth Twist's Heartstring Samplery:

As well as this one, which is new in the shop:

This La-D-Da project is cute, small and stitches up into a little pin--a neat, springy way to showcase your work.

We have lots of needleminders--here are just a few.

Are your keys on a blah keychain? Put them on this one instead! This is a great, substantial keychain that won't get lost in your purse.

We love this little needlepoint checkbook case by Birds of a Feather. Beautiful springy colors, and it unzips to make it easy to stitch on.

Just in case you feel like stitching Halloween items, we are having a 20%-off trunk show sale on these needlepoint charts. There are lots of designs--not just Halloween.

Knit a springy Gumdrop Sweater for a pretty little girl.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Love the key fob but I can't figure out how to find it on your site. Help!

  2. Hey Pam,
    Sorry we don't have a shopping cart, we may have entered the 21st century by blogging, but are slow on other techie things. Just call the shop and we can mail you a fob, red or blue.

  3. Welcome to Blogland :) I'll add the link to mine.