Wednesday, March 9, 2011

More from Mary Riggs/Handwork Samplers, and What's New in the Shop

As promised, we're back with more antique samplers from Mary Riggs' personal collection and some stitched models of her work. Please call the shop (703-360-4600) if you would like prices or have questions.

The frames are old as well:

This antique sampler contains both wool and cotton threads:

We like the vibrant colors on this stitched model:

If you purchase this model, think of all the time you'll save stitching the lawn! Also, click on it to see the little yellow birds in the left-hand tree.

Here are some new charts that have arrived in the shop.

We think this Hillside Sheep needlebook by Chessie and Me would look equally appealing stitched as picture and framed. Apparently our customers agree; it's flying off the spinner.

Somebody was entranced by the little prim bunnies on this cleverly designed Easter Egg pin cushion. (In fact, in a week or so we're planning a little presentation of some of the many new and classic Easter charts that we stock.)

Two new designs by Victoria Sampler. The first is "Garden Wedding Sampler."

This ort bag and matching scissor fob chart will be fun to stitch and assemble.

Happy stitching, and see you soon!

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  1. Great Stuff! I wonder who exactly could have been entranced by the bunnies? :-)