Sunday, June 16, 2013


Happy Sunday evening! We have lots of buzz in the shop, including several new charts featuring bees:

(Our blog banner photo is Mary Edmondson, by Pineberry Designs, stitched by Patricia.)

First off, three from Shepherd's Bush. Here's my favorite:  "Bee Blessings."  So typically gentle, sweet and quirky from these ladies. 

Smaller: "Busy World" to fit a box, or as an ornament.

Smallest:  "Sweet Liberty," with a tiny flag, bee skep and buzzing bee.  All three, sold as kits.

Blackbird Designs: "Agnes Platt," just one of three designs in this booklet. I noticed that all three use most of the same colors, and I love all three, so I'll stitch all three. (Also bee skeps in these designs!)

I picked up my copy on Saturday, and started it right away.

"Sarah Chapple 1831" by Shakespeare's Peddler.  Lovely, lovely flowers (I haven't spotted any bees but there are some fun birds).

From Jardin Prive, sheep and birds and tiny butterflies. A lovely little chart. We have lots of different Jardin Prive charts.

A humbug from Just Nan called "Porch Mice." And the most adorable mouse pin. Just Nan has the most clever little designs--and we have lots of them.

"Tending the Garden" by Blackbird Designs. Gorgeous quilts and also needlework in this beautiful soft-cover volume. I'm definitely buying one next time.

"My To-Do List for Today": sweet, sensible advice from Lizzie Kate. I'm a complete fan and am stitching "Dog Rules" myself.

Colorful, patriotic "Old Glory" by Ship's Manor. Nice graphics.

And from Miss Lila's Studio, "Selina Chown" in arresting colors.  (pssst--a nice, traditional sampler with a pretty strawberry border, and it won't take years of stitching to complete it).

Speaking of years of stitching, we were wowed by this project last year. "A Maryland Inspiration." 

For this year....this designer has really done it now! Look at that amazing stone house and the trees that surround it. And the verse! Not a quick stitch, but we're sure you'll agree--a worthy one.

And here's a tasty treat: an olive. Fun! By Lantern Moon.

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Happy Stitching!

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