Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wait 'Til You See These Projects!

Tonight was Stitch Night at In Stitches, and take a look at what we've got going on! First up is Praiseworthy Stitches' "Sandcastle Bay" with the linen (I've forgotten the name of, but it's perfect) and called-for fibers.

Part II of With Thy Needle's "Birds of a Feather" has arrived. So pretty. We're showing it with the suggested Confederate Gray linen and the recommended fibers. We still have Part I available also, for those of you who wanted to see more before you committed.

Tonight was show and tell, since it was Stitch Night. "Jane Tindall 1864" by NeedleWork Press, as stitched by Teresa.

Take a gander at the gander--our favorite sampler bird. Teresa's stitching is amazing.

"Pot for Dickie" by Long Dog, as stitched by March:

Ellen is needlepointing this lovely heart, probably to be finished as an ornament. Blogger won't let me turn this picture.

Deborah brought her basket of socks to show us. Sherry very ably taught her how to knit them, and Deborah caught the sock bug big-time. Look at them all!

Here's a cute self-striping pair.

And socks with lettuce-edged cuffs. We sell lots of different sock yarns. We'll show you some soon.

Mary's working on a little quilt.

Jan is zooming along on "13 Colonies" (Little House Needleworks).

Helen is stitching a Christmas ornament.

Speaking of Christmas ornaments, guess what has arrived? (Yes, even before the Halloween ornament issue).

"Stitch Happy" mugs. Perfect for coffee on the deck on a beautiful June morning.

Happy Stitching!

Give us a call at 703-360-4600 if you see something you'd like to order, or if you have questions. We're open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and normally the first Sunday of the month (but not the first Sunday in July). Also, there will be no Stitch Nights in July, since so many people are out of town then.

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